Civil & Construction Engineering
Water Engineering Works
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We have a team of skilled experts to handle all your civil needs.
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Water Engineering
We Design and implement overall schemes and associated structures
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Electrical Sector
For Design, Installation and Maintainance of Mini & Micro Electrical power Plants.
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BBT Contractors ltd

Incorporated on 2nd day of August, 2017 (Certificate no. 80020000393085), BBT Contractors Limited is a multi-disciplinary contracting and consulting firm predominantly in Civil, Electrical  and Mechanical Engineering fields and since its incorporation, the company has grown into an actively stable firm operating in various regions of Uganda.

The company enjoys considerable reputation in the infrastructure (both civil and electrical-both high and low solar Powered applications) and Solar Powered Water Engineering (for production and consumption) sectors in Uganda for its timely and professional delivery of cost effective engineering contracting and consulting solutions, and an excellent understanding of local conditions

To offer Efficient and Effective world class engineering construction, consulting and research solutions.

Our Services

Water Engineering

Design and Construction of Shallow Wells, dip well, Production bore wells, Hand pump boreholes, Irrigation Systems (with Mainly Solar, Thermal or Hydro Powered Water pumps), Gravity and Clean Water Supply Systems and sewerage management.
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Mechanical works

Design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and overhaul of electrical and mechanical systems and processes, industrial performance audits, operational management system design, integrating industrial performance indicators, benchmarks and audits …
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Electrical Engineering

Design, construction, commissioning, and operation of Power stations, substations, Transmission systems and Distribution systems. Design, installation and Maintenance of mini and micro power plants, both on-grid and off-grid in hydro, solar, wind, thermal and bio energy.
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Civil Engineering Works (Building and Construction)

Civil, structural, building and municipal engineering, building Economics studies, Detailed Engineering designs, construction supervision, construction management, highways, bridge and drainage structures, airports…
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Environmental Engineering

Environmental impact assessment of projects, environmental Engineering, effluent assessment, design of particle collectors and total design, process review and optimization plus environmental hazard and disaster management.